Mythical Creatures


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These fantastic creatures are rare and very reclusive. They do not show themselves very readily. If you do have the honour of encountering one it will be of great importance and significance to you - they can be a dynamic catalyst in your life. Be careful about making assumptions about them though. Connecting with these creatures helps us to break our limiting perspectives of life and to open to new creative possibilities. Their energies and their ability to affect you, your consciousness and your life are great.

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Centaurs are half horse and half human. Most often the half that is human is depicted as male, although there can be a female half! Sometimes the animal half has been depicted as a horse and other times as a wild ass.

In mythology, the centaurs have their origin in Babylonia and originally were guardian spirits. In the Greek tradition, they were considered man-eaters, lecherous and violent.

Creatures with half human and half animal characteristics are very symbolic. They reflect a movement away from the animal and represent a change in consciousness and a rising to a new plane of awareness.

Centaurs are known to be very sexual creatures, and stimulate strong sexual responses. Encountering one may reflect lessons associated with sexuality and learning to use its dynamic force in new ways. It could also signify guardianship in some area of your life. Occasionally centaurs do become patrons of mortals, guiding and teaching them.


Giants are symbols of primeval forces associated with an area of Mother Nature - often guarding some of her treasures. There are hill giants, mountain giants, river giants and forest giants. They reflect and embody the energy of their natural environment. They hold the key to its wisdom and power. They are neither good nor evil but their energy amplifies that of humans.

Giants hold the key to putting things into proper perspective and can be a symbol of how best to move beyond your present circumstances. The characteristics and form of the giant will give the significant clues.

Giants are drawn to those who need strength, those who are timid and introverted and those who are gentle and childlike.


The griffin has its origin in the Middle East , and it is usually depicted with a combination of animal characteristics. Predominantly, it is part lion and part eagle (the wings and head encompassing the characteristics of the eagle).

A griffin can be considered any creature that is part mammal and part bird regardless of the specifics. As bird and beast it is symbolic of heaven and Earth, sprit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger. As guardian it is considered protective and gentle; as avenger, it is vicious and relentless.

To encounter a griffin is to encounter great magic and power. It is ever vigilant, and it guards both the Earth and the sky. Thus it provides protection whilst awake and asleep. It will be able to hear your softest whisper and will awaken within you the ability to hear what is behind the words of others.

Meeting a griffin heralds a time of great power and magic. It lends its immense strength to whatever task may be at hand. After an encounter with a griffin you are likely to find an unusual feather in the mortal world!


Mermaids are the incarnate beauty of the sights and sounds of water. An encounter can enrich or endanger depending on how well balanced you are.

Mermaids are symbols of tolerance and the separation of the animal from the intellect. They reflect awakening freedom and imagination. They also hold the knowledge of storms and future events. They can grant wishes and can even bestow some supernatural powers! They can reveal treasures and teach wisdom.


The phoenix is the legendary bird that sacrificed itself to fire and rose renewed from the ashes. Legends and myths contain common threads that link them to the phoenix. The hero lives a long life, and the phoenix appears either just before or after his death. Through death the hero is able to live again.

Traditionally there is only one phoenix alive at one time and it lives for five hundred years. It lays a golden egg and, as it is consumed in the fire, the new phoenix breaks out from the egg and rises with the flames. It is an ancient symbol of the sun and of resurrection, life after death. It reflects the immortal soul, love, eternal youth, and even self sufficiency. If you encounter a phoenix you can expect rebirth within your life. It will always be dynamic and beneficial. It signals a time of new life, energy and a new beginning.


The sphinx is a creature of great mystery. It was a symbol of divine knowledge, and the power of the mind to raise us to new heights and perceptions. This creature was the guardian of ancient mysteries. To be open to the mysteries you often had to pass a test or solve a riddle. The penalty for failing was death - often the sphinx itself would devour the individual. In many ways this signifies the danger of knowledge not applied or misused. Forgetfulness, ignorance or any disease of the mind would prevent you from gaining access to the true mysteries and higher wisdom.

Encountering the sphinx indicates a coming period of education, an opportunity for the mind to raise itself above nature. It may indicate the reason is to do with the soul.

The sphinx has knowledge of the art of prophecy and oracles. It is the keeper of knowledge and beauty of the past and present. It can reveal the potential of any love (good, bad or indifferent). It also holds the key to the physical and spiritual mysteries of intercourse and birth.


Sirens are often associated with the negative aspects of water spirits. Sometimes they are depicted as bird women and at other times as sea nymphs. Traditionally they were women who sang and played so sweet and enticingly that it lured mariners to destruction on the rocks surrounding their island.

Contact with a siren may bring knowledge of the magical power of words. They hold the knowledge of enchantment and allurement, and although they were often depicted as ugly in appearance, the song that came forth from them made them beautiful. These beings hold the key to finding our own inner beauty - in spite of outer appearances.


The unicorn is a symbol of the sun and long life. It is usually depicted in the form of a horse with a single spiralled horn projecting from its forehead. It reflects mystery, power, beauty, chastity and ferocity. It is a symbol of humanity's longing for the mysterious and the unattainable. The killing of the unicorn is symbolic of the loss of innocence.

Encounters with a unicorn can bring new understanding of purity and chastity and the true power of sexuality. The unicorn holds the knowledge and treasures of alchemy. It can stimulate healing. More than anything else, an encounter will free the imagination!

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